Meet Marita Gale

Marita Gale - Wisdom & Art From The HeartMarita’s journey began in Knoxville, Tennessee, utilizing her art and poetry to facilitate personal growth and self-awareness.

In 2009, Marita loaded all of her personal possessions into her Honda Civic and headed for Sedona, Arizona, trusting her inner guidance to follow her creative path while being of service to others.

She currently is sharing a poetry reading called “Healing Through Our Stories.” This reading chronicles her personal journey of healing through a connection to nature and a unique lifestyle. After the reading, attendees who wish may share their stories as well, through either poetry or any mode of storytelling. Marita brings unique insights to life from her journey of healing from sexual abuse as a child. These stories are specific to her own experiences, and they are inspirational for anyone who has either faced or is facing a similar situation. Marita’s passion to cultivate awareness about the effects of child sex trafficking has motivated her to speak publicly. Her work is focused on healing for her personally and for the whole community. Marita speaks of her own personal experiences. Her poetry and her heart open a space that builds empathy, compassion, and understanding for everyone. This healing happens through poetry, dialogue, story and sharing. Marita is skilled as both a presenter and a facilitator of these difficult topics and relates them to a wide variety of life experiences. The following is the link to the video of her poetry reading “Healing Through Our Stories:

She was commissioned to do an article with artwork for Unity magazine celebrating mothers in the May/June 2015 issue.

Unity Magazine CoverView the Unity Magazine Article

Marita is available to travel to homes, churches, businesses and retreats for individual portraits, art workshops and speaking engagements.

Inspired by the Peace Pilgrim, Marita continues her own walks for peace wherever she goes.